Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Denise Richards Pleads With Charlie to get help!

Everyone is over Charlie Sheen’s stay-at-home rehab.
Even ex-wife Denise Richards is pleading with for Charlie to seek out of home rehab treatment!
A close friend disclosed:

“Denise went over to Charlie’s house on Sunday to try and talk him into entering a treatment facility, but Charlie refused. Charlie doesn’t think he needs help, he is still up until all hours of the night and is refusing to get it at an outside facility, all while those close to him — including his dad Martin, family, friends and his employers CBS — work to convince him he needs to enter a facility,”
Hey Charlie, want a sign you're really in trouble? Your EX WIFE is trying HELP you!!!!
We ALL hope Charlie gets the help he needs, and soon.

courtesy of Perez Hilton

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