Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ludacris has some drama

Some drama popped off behind the scenes last week, when rapper Ludacris performed at Florida Atlantic University. Here's a report from an MTOer who was helping with the production:
Wednesday November 10, 2010 Ludacris preformed at my school, Florida Atlantic University, annual Freakers Ball.

Luda came with his girlfriend, Euxonie and of course his boys. Luda asked for condoms to be in his dressing room and when his manager asked where they where she went CRAZY. She flipped out on him asking him why he always needed condoms in front of his crew and the students that ran the concert. We were all in shock and it was liked a bad accident where you couldn't look away.

They went into the dressing room and came out like 20 minutes later asking for a tour of the school since she had heard so much about the school. We got a her a golf cart tour (our school is relatively small).

As soon as she was out of the building Luda went over to one of the girls, who was a student, and started talking to her. She was all giggles. After about 20 minutes of whispering in her hear Luda and the girl went into his dressing room with one of his bodyguards standing in front of the door not letting anyone get too close to the door.

About 10 minutes later Euxonie came back, as I said small school, and she went to the door. By this time EVERYBODY knew that Luda was in the room with the girl, so Euxonie went up to the doors and attempted to bypass the guards, They wouldn't let her in the room and she was screaming "CHRIS OPEN THE F*CKING DOOR!!!!" she was banging on the boor. He eventually came out with the girl and she pushed him into the room and she started screaming and everybody and their momma could hear her. About 20 minutes after the screaming match she stormed out of the room and told one of the bodyguards to take her to the airport.

Luda came out the room and one of the bodyguards asked him if he wanted to stop the car and Luda said "Nope, she'll get over it". And that was it. A few hours later he put on a great show.

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