Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Explodes After GMA Interview

After an interview with Robin Roberts, this morning, Chris Brown apparently exploded in a rage and stormed off without a shirt according to TMZ. Brown's explosion was triggered after being questioned about the 2009 Rhianna incident.

Brown did try to redirect the questions back to focus on his new album F.A.M.E, which drops today, but Roberts continued to Press him about the legal ramifications from the Rhianna incident.

Apparently, after the interview Brown stormed off set, screaming so loudly that security was alerted. When security arrived Brown had already left, shirtless, but they found the window of his dressing room smashed by a chair---some of the pieces of glass reportedly fell onto Broadway and 43rd. 

Brown blew off a second performance for the ABC website and apparently confronted a segment producer, getting into his face and staring him down, before he left the building.

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  1. Even child molestors get second chances mines has had mutiple, and is still on the loose. Brown made a single bad judgement and people still talking about the two year old incident let it go. He seems to be trying Riri ain't harping on why everybody else? Let him stop reliving the past through the media and their games. He has consumed his dam# medicine drop it cause no one was in the car and knows what went on. Shoot my neighbor beats her dude on a regular and acts shocked when he finally chokes her up every few times.