Saturday, February 12, 2011

TMZ reports Jamie Foxx gets chocked at party (video)

Getting choked for 20 seconds at an Usher concert is not the way Jamie Foxx wanted to kick off his Grammy weekend I'm sure. But if a report on TMZ is accurate that's exactly what happened last night (February 10).

According to the report Jamie got into a heated discusson with a guy at the Belvedere Red party at Avalon. The convo turned violent when the man put Foxx in a headlock. It took security about 20 seconds to free Foxx from the man's grasp. After which both men were escorted from the building.

Whether or not he would have won the fight had it last longer is a moot point. It's an L anytime you get thrown out of an event like that when you're someone of Jamie's stature.

Jamie is one hell of a funny comedian and great singer, but he's now 0-2 in street fights.

LL Cool J reportedly broke him off proper when the two were filming 'Any Given Sunday' years ago.

courtesy of TMZ / Thisis50

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