Sunday, February 27, 2011

Foxy Brown Releasing Double Disc album

It's been over three years since Foxy Brown dropped 2008's Brooklyn's Don Diva, whichshe didn't fully support. But her fans may finally get some new music soon, because the Brooklyn rapper recently revealed that she's been hard at work on her next album, the long-delayed Black Roses.
And, Foxy plans to make history with the project, which she said would be a double-disc release, the first from any female rapper.

In an interview with, the rapper said she's been slaving to complete it.
"I'm in the studio every night, slaving," Foxy tells "It's going to be the first double CD from any female rapper in history, so it's going to be really big. One side is going to be straight hip-hop and hardcore records, and a couple big radio joints, and then the other side is dancehall rock ...
She also added, that she wants it to drop by the end of the year. "I personally want it to drop around August or September."
Foxy's most recent music release came in the form of a controversial diss track to Lil Kim, titled "Massacre," in which he accused her long-time rival of hating on Nicki Minaj, much like she did to her when both were first coming up in the music biz.
In her conversation with Billboard, Foxy took a moment to express her opinion on Kim's lyrical assault on Minaj. She feels Kim needs to get a new game plan.
"Had she let the people say, 'Oh [Nicki], you're trying to be Kim, you're a fake Kim,' then it doesn't come directly from her," Foxy said. "But when you're using that as a platform to bring your new album out, that's like, 'Oh my God, wait a minute.' I don't condone it at all; I don't think it's cute.
"And at some point, it's like, 'OK, Kim, you've had a problem with Foxy, you've had a problem with Nicki, you've had a problem with Faith [Evans], with Charli [Baltimore], with everybody,'" she continued. "It's like, enough already. I choose to stay out of it. Put out great music, and that's that."
At press time, it was unclear how far along Black Roses was in the recording process.

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