Saturday, January 1, 2011

50 Cent Invests In Performance Eyewear Company GUNNAR Optiks

50 Cent has proven to be a savvy businessman and investor -- Vitamin Water anyone?

The hip-hop mogul is always keeping his eyes open for new opportunities to make money. While tweeting that he would be shoveling snow for $100 a pop was a joking, his latest investment into a company called GUNNAR Optiks isn't.

Fif has become recently become an investor in GUNNARS, first showing interest at a charity event hosted by Justin Timberlake.

Started in a garage of one of its owners, GUNNARS was born out of one woman's frustration with a complaining husband and worry about the eyes of a boy seemingly tethered to a computer and video games.

Named after owners Jenny and Matt Michelsen's son, GUNNAR, the idea of the glasses were born, which boasts lenses that extinguish the "polarizing light" and "ghosting" effect from LCD screens and digital projections that often strains the eye and leads to vision impairment.

50 serves as an investor and helps promote GUNNARS' product line, which includes varios indoor, outdoor, and 3D glasses, and similar accessories.

"Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick," the rapper tweeted (@50Cent) recently. "u aint got these suckas. get ur money right ima get like 50 new hoes wit"

Aside from 50 Cent, other investors include Peter Thiel (a founder of Pay Pal and early investor in FaceBook), Carl Zeiss Vision, Monster, Inc., and Jack Giarraputo.

At press time, the amount of investment 50 has made in GUNNAR Optiks is unknown.

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