Sunday, January 9, 2011

50 Cent Invests In Direct Marketing Company TVGoods

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent continues to put his money to work, with a new investment in a direct response marketing company. 

The Queens, New rap star revealed his latest investment is with TVGoods, which develops and markets consumer products on networks like HSN and QVC, as well as retail outlets, the Internet, print media and other outlets. 

"You better get in now TVG I'm never saying this again. Watch how this company blows up. Follow my lead there [sic] going to get bigger trust me even if its  a small investment it will pay off," 50 tweeted.

TVGoods was founded by Kevin Harrington and includes a company of executives that have made a number of commercials, including the first ever infomercial with Wolfman Jack and the longest running infomercial for the Medicus Golf Club. 

The company has managed over 500 infomercial spots, which have raked in revenues in excess of $4 billion dollars. 

Additionally, TVGoods, which itself is owned by Florida-based H & H Imports, Inc., also controls, TVGoods Inventor Center. 

As of press time, TVGoods is currently creating and promoting informercials for products like "The Cellphone Assistant," "Bright Feet Slippers," and the Hulk Hogan endorsed "PumMagic" all-purpose cleaning fluid.

courtesy of allhiphop and thisis50

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