Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rapper Yo Gotti Wanted In Connection With Shooting That Left 5 People Injured Outside Of Memphis Club

Rapper Yo Gotti is being sought by Memphis police in connection with a fight and shooting that took place outside of Level II nightclub on November 29.

Gotti, real name Mario Mims and an associate, Lance Taylor aka OG Boo Dirty got into an argument with several men. The argument then escalated into a brawl.

Shots were fired leaving five people, including Boo Dirty injured.

WREG is reporting that three were shot in the butt, one in the wrist and one in the shoulder.

Police issued eleven warrants and by Saturday, three men, Howard Greer, Kenneth Mason and Vernon McClendon were in jail.

Greer’s mother, who’s son was also injured in the shooting, said that rappers need to be more responsible when out in the public.

"As a rapper you do have an obligation to the public, and you have an obligation to your fans to feed positive message. When you feed that garbage, that negative message of violence, and violating one another, my mother told me if you live by the sword, you're going to die by the sword. And I pray to God that none of you die by the sword." She said.

Yo Gotti’s lawyer, Art Horne said that his client is currently out of town, and would have his name cleared when he returned

"He just wanted his fans and the public to know that...he doesn't condone that type of behavior, and that again, he plans to deal with the charges that have been filed against him, “ Horne said. “Once he comes back, and deals with the allegations, I think his name will be cleared."

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