Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lupe goes off...

The recent controversy surrounding George Bush, Matt Lauer and Kanye West has stirred up long simmering bad feelings about the former President.

Bush said that Kanye's comments about him "not liking black people" was one of the "lowest moments of his presidency."

Kanye tried to clarify his statement on The Today Show this week, but that interview with Matt Lauer didn't go very well. West was so frustrated with how he felt he was treated by Lauer, he's pulled out of a post Thanksgiving Day performance on the Today Show.

Fellow Chicago native and rapper Lupe Fiasco, came to Kanye's defense today via twitter.

"Maaaaaaaaaan... f*ck bush! That n*gga was a tyrant and a menace! American Imperialist and terrorist! Supported financial chicanery and illegal wars...f*ck him! Till @kanyewest is responsible for the deaths of Hundreds Of Thousands of people he good in my book. The Tea Party Don't Like Black People!!"

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